Terms & Conditions of Booking



The scope of this inspection and report is limited to a visual inspection of the systems and components as listed below, in order to identify those, if any, which may need replacement or repair.


Landscaping, Retaining Walls, Gutters, Downpipes, Sidewalks and Driveways (both the condition of and as they affect foundation drainage,) Roof, Chimney, Flashing, and Valleys, (for evidence of water penetration and a description of materials,) Cladding, Fascia, Soffit, Walls, Windows, Doors, Foundation, Attached Porches/ Decks/ Balconies/ Patios/ Garages (both structural and condition of).

It must be understood inspections at this level are carried out over a relatively short length of time. Morning sun angles can conceal and misrepresent faults that can be highlighted in afernoon sun.

Dry weather may also conceal any water leaks that may be disclosed during wet conditions.


Plumbing System: Water Supply/Drains/Vents/Water Heaters/Fixtures, and Locating (But Not Testing) Shut Off Valves; Electrical System: Service panel, Earth Wire, Switches, Installed Fixtures, and Smoke Detectors; Heating/Cooling System: Permanent Systems, Operating Controls/Filters/Ducts, Insulation, and Ventilation; Bathrooms/Kitchen/Other Rooms: Doors/Windows/Walls/Floors (as to general condition), Cabinets, Counter tops, and Installed Fixtures; Structure: Ceilings/Walls/Floors, Stairs/Basements/Attic/Crawl Spaces (if readily accessible)(as to evidence of water damage and general condition).

The scope of the inspection is limited to the description and the general condition of the above systems.


Any area which is not exposed to view or is inaccessible because of soil, walls, floors, carpets, ceilings, furnishings, lack of access or crawl spaces or any major system (water or electrical systems, heating system, or air conditioner) that is not currently functional is not included in this inspection.

The inspection does not include any destructive testing or dismantling. Client agrees to assume all the risk for all conditions which are concealed from view at the time of the inspection. This is not a home warranty, guarantee, insurance policy, or substitute for real estate disclosures which may be required by law. Whether or not they are concealed, the following are outside the scope of the inspection;

Building code or zoning ordinance violations

Thermostatic or time clock controls or Low Voltage wiring systems

Geological stability or soils conditions.

Water softener or water purifier systems or solar heating systems

Structural stability or engineering analysis

Saunas, steam baths, or fixtures and equipment

Building value appraisal or cost estimates

Pools or spa bodies or sprinkler systems and underground piping

Radio-controlled devices, automatic gates, elevators, lifts, and dumbwaiters

Furnace heat exchanger, freestanding appliances, security alarms or personal property

Specific components noted as being excluded on the individual system inspection form

Adequacy or efficiency of any system or component

Prediction of life expectancy of any item

The Inspector is a home inspection generalist and is not acting as an engineer or expert in any craft or trade. If the Inspector recommends consulting other specialized experts, Clients do so at Client’s expense


The written report to be prepared by the Inspector shall be considered the final and exclusive findings of ‘Lift The Lid Home Inspections Ltd’ (Herein referred to as LTLHIL) regarding the home inspection at the Inspection Address. The inspection report to be prepared for the Client is solely and exclusively for the Client’s own information and may not be relied upon by any other person. Client agrees to maintain the confidentiality of the inspection report and agrees not to disclose any part of it to any other person with the exception of the seller and/or the real estate agents directly involved in this transaction. Client(s) or the inspector may distribute copies of the inspection report to the seller and real estate agents directly involved in this transaction, but neither the seller nor the real estate agent are intended beneficiaries of this Agreement or the inspection report. Client agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold LTLHIL harmless from any third party claims arising out of the Client’s or Inspectors distribution of the inspection report.


Client understands and agrees that LTLHIL is not an insurer, that the price paid for the subject inspection and report is based solely on the service provided. Client also agrees that any claim of failure in the accuracy of the report shall be reported to LTLHIL within five business days of discovery and that failure to notify the inspector within that time period shall constitute a waiver of any and all claims. LTLHIL shall have five business days to respond to the claim. If LTLHIL fails to satisfy the claim, liability shall be limited to a refund of the price paid for the Inspection and Report.


AS = Appears Serviceable: The item appeared to be in working or usable condition with no major discrepancies noted. No further comment is necessary.

R = Repair: The item was at or near the end of its useful lifespan. A certified professional should be contacted for further evaluation and repair.

S = Safety Issue: The item is considered a safety hazard and can cause harm to people or property. These items need to be repaired as soon as possible.

NI = Not Inspected: The item was not inspected or present during the inspection.