Meth Inspection

Methamphetamine contamination is increasingly becoming more widespread and decontamination costs can lead to quite an excessive strain on your investment.

If you own a rental property you need to know what your tenants have been up to, and in turn, ensure your new tenants have a clean environment to rent.

If you are buying a property, you will also need to be assured you are moving yourself, and your family into an uncontaminated home, away from all those nasties!.

Meth, or ‘P’ as it is more commonly known, is largely undetectable to the naked eye and nose, and lab tests are required to ascertain accurately the levels that may be harboured. Other names include – Crystal Meth, Ice, Crank, Whiz, Molly, Pure, to name a few.

Brad Halliwell from IOHIL is a Certified Methamphetamine Testing Technician, and carries out laboratory testing through Hills Laboratories, under the NIOSH 9111 methodology.  This is the most recognised and respected system in New Zealand.


Individual Sampling

This test is NIOSH 9111 compliant and focusses on defined areas or media. Individual samples are tested to determine exactly where the contamination lies. Though more expensive, the results will determine how many – or few rooms will need decontamination.

Instant Result Testing

These tests are not NIOSH 9111 compliant and they are not lab tested. They will only give you an indicative reading of whether Meth is present or not in a room or surface.

If a positive reading results, lab sampling will be required.

Lab Composite Testing

This test is NIOSH 9111 compliant. Lab testing is carried out on multiple samples and a composite or average reading is determined from all samples. This reduces the cost of sampling while giving you an actual reading that will give you the level of contamination (if any), and if higher than MoH guidelines, you will need to ascertain where the contamination is located.

This will require individual sampling.